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Human resources (HR) is more complex than ever and no two businesses are alike. Every company has a unique set of administrative and personnel challenges. At Resource Management, Inc. (RMI) we take the time to understand your company and your culture. Once we have cultivated a relationship with you, we assist in developing your organizational and operational processes, guiding you with a team of industry experts, and ensuring you stay compliant with the latest state and federal regulations.

You can rest easy knowing you always have someone on your team to handle everything, from customizing employee handbooks to addressing challenging employment issues. RMI’s HR professionals are always in the know to provide you the best way to navigate evolving workplace regulations. That’s why so many businesses in New England and Florida rely on us.

Partnering with RMI means you’ll work with dedicated professionals who fully comprehend HR administration.

Our HR management and consulting services deliver:

  • Our HR management and consulting services deliver:
  • Professional hiring and termination guidance
  • Proactive employment liability management
  • Helpful compliance assistance
  • Tailored handbooks, forms, and workplace posters
  • Streamlined technology

Why Partner with RMI?

Running a business is complicated enough without having to master HR. Isn’t it time to have a partner who can provide you the expertise, tools, and resources to boost your business?

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HR Services FAQ

RMI can work with companies that already have an HR team, as well as those that don’t. Our technology gives your internal staff the support they need. This not only puts additional resources into their hands, but also helps protect your business by ensuring you are compliant with state, federal, and local compliance regulations.

Having a team of HR professionals on your side from day one is critical to the health of your company. Many startups choose to work with us because we put the right HR foundation in place that allows you to rapidly scale your business without sacrificing possible growth opportunities.

We understand that you need to weigh every business decision carefully, including whether to hire internally or outsource HR. Opting to work with RMI allows you to shift your hiring budget towards other revenue-generating employees or tasks. In addition, as you grow, we grow with you, and you’ll always have a team of specialists available to assist you.

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