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Across all industries, businesses are saving time and financial resources using Resource Management, Inc. (RMI) as their trusted business partner. Read our client’s story to see why they chose RMI as their HR solution.

Customer Spotlight

Premium Water Systems

Member Since: 2006
Company Size: 22-25 employees | Industry: Water Filtration Systems | Location: Walpole, MA

15 Years of Trusted HR Support

With over 30 years of water filtration experience and serving more than 30,000 households across New England and Rhode Island, Premier Water Systems takes great pride in providing its customers with the cleanest filtrated and purified water possible. From drinking water systems to water softeners, bottleless water coolers, leak detection systems, and much more, their team of experts has a solution for just about any water filtration problem. Premier is dedicated to high-quality services — a value they share with RMI.

Gary Zafron, owner of Premier Water Systems, says partnering with RMI has been one of the best decisions he’s made for his business.

“This past year has been a trying time for most of us, in both our business and personal lives… yet every time I am on the phone with a member of RMI, I admire their work ethic, upbeat attitudes, and for always making me feel fortunate to have them as one of my most important and trusted vendors.”

Gary has worked with many professional employer organizations (PEOs) in the past, but the level of support he receives from RMI is simply unmatched. “After working with other companies, the relationship with RMI is just different. I have always felt that I’m not just a client, but more like a partner,” he said. Gary has also developed incredible working relationships with our team. As soon as he has a question or needs a quick form, he trusts that he can call his dedicated HR consultant to respond quickly.

Since partnering with RMI, Gary has been able to retain his top employees by offering them competitive, quality benefit plans that they appreciate. Our team also ensures that Premier’s employees are set up for success. RMI answers questions about payroll, direct deposit, and open enrollment. Gary truly values the RMI team and couldn’t be happier to have us on his side, he mentioned, “Once in a while I come across an establishment that sticks out to me, and reminds me of how a customer should feel, and for me, RMI is one of those establishments.” He added, “Throughout the past 15 years I have partnered with RMI, I have never regretted my decision.”

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“The overall experience with RMI is excellent. As soon as I have a question, they have an answer for me right away, so they are right on top of everything for me.”

Jack Mclellan, Director of Finance, Communications, & HR

“Implementing RMI’s services is one of the best decisions we have made at NewVue communities.”

Marc Dohan, Executive Director NewVue Communities

“Outsourcing my human resources has enabled me more freedom to focus on my own clinical work, while feeling confident that I am complying with all HR regulations and implementing best practices for my staff, as well as my clients.”

Stacey M. Baker, PSY.D., LMHC Baker Mental Health Consulting, LLC

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