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Increase Employee Retention: Learn About Affordable Healthcare Options for Your Low-Moderate Wage Workers

Tuesday, July 13th at 10:30 AM - Virtual Event

Business owners often struggle to attract and retain their employees due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Large corporations are offering big incentives to new and current employees, but how can small businesses compete?

In this webinar event, our team of professionals shared valuable insight on how employers can increase retention for their low to moderate-income employees by offering affordable healthcare benefits! In this hour, we strategized with keynote presenters, Tim O’Brien of Resource Management, Inc., as well as Michael Caruso and Jeff O’Connor of CBIZ, on ways to implement an affordable benefits strategy for your low-income employees. Learn more about our benefit plans by getting in touch with one of our HR professionals!

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Five Tips For Improving Employee Engagement In A Remote World

The workplace has changed since mid-March 2020. More employees have adapted to work remotely, and this will remain the new norm for many employees and companies. But in a remote environment, where you no longer have face-to-face interactions or in-office perks, employees may seek new opportunities if they do not feel connected to their company, boss or colleagues.

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What is PFML?

PFML stands for Paid Family Medical Leave. It’s a state-offered benefit for anyone who works in Massachusetts and is eligible to take up to 26 weeks of paid leave for medical or family reasons.

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8 Tips for Hiring Remotely

From the health issues to the requirements of lockdowns and social distancing, this period of time has changed everything. And it has enormous potential to change how we conduct the hiring process.

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