Top Video Recruiting Strategies

With countless companies vying for the attention of top talent, recruiting has become extremely cutthroat in many industries. The companies who attract and retain the best of the best are usually the ones who are at the forefront of recruiting with an innovative approach.

In the mid-twenty teens, video is one of the hottest and most effective recruiting mediums. According to an infographic on Jobcast’s website, “Job posts get 36 percent more applications if accompanied by a recruiting video, and recruitment videos are one of the best ways to increase application volume.” The trick is to know precisely how to connect with talented candidates and implement the top video recruiting strategies.


Insert Videos Into Job Postings

Perhaps the most effective way to fully explain what a job entails and what an employee’s daily responsibilities would be is to simply create a short video that provides a first-hand look. This allows applicants to see what your business looks like, the type of people they’ll work with if hired, what their duties would be, etc.

Doing so should help applicants connect the dots and get a taste of what it would be like if they were to come on board. Rather than having a traditional text-based job ad, video is much more robust and comprehensive and appeals to the human love of visual stimuli. In fact, the same infographic on Jobcast also states that, “40 percent of people respond better to visual information than plain text.”


Showcase Company Culture

Many applicants are also interested in the company culture, which encompasses the cumulative traits that a business and its employees possess. For a new hire to truly thrive, it’s ideal that her style and personality mesh with your company culture. Otherwise, it can be mutually problematic for both parties. Video is the perfect tool for showcasing your company culture and will provide applicants with an in-depth insight of what it’s like to work for you.


Pre-Screen Candidates

Sifting through a large pool of candidates and narrowing down your list is no doubt an arduous and time-consuming process. You can expedite things considerably by pre-screening candidates with video. For example, you could have each candidate record a brief video where they answer a few key questions.

This way you can evaluate their hard skills and qualifications as well as their soft skills like communication and poise. In turn, you can separate the wheat from the chaff and move top candidates to a final round.


Conduct Live Video Interviews

When it comes to conducting actual interviews, you can save a significant amount of time and money by opting for video interviewing rather than meeting in person. With platforms like Skype, Jobvite and Spark Hire available, it’s never been easier to conduct interviews via real-time video to connect with the top candidates in your industry. You can assess an individual exactly the same as you would if you were face-to-face while eliminating much of the inefficiencies of the past.


Video can be an incredibly powerful medium for recruiting — and utilizing it in the right way can give your business a competitive advantage. By implementing the top video recruiting strategies, you can increase the quality level of your candidates and fill vacant positions with less hassle.


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