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  • The transition from manual spreadsheets to time clock software becomes crucial as your company grows.
  • The benefits of time clock software include increased employee accountability, decreased risk of fraud, and dependable productivity data.
  • RMI’s PrismHR supports Human Resource management, simplifying complexities, and ensuring success. Schedule a demo to experience the transformation!

Imagine the following situation: You have a small company with few employees, and it is very easy to manage the work hours of each one. You do this work manually since there are few of them, and nothing happens.

However, your company is doing well and growing, employees multiply, and it is more difficult to manage everyone’s time manually. Minor errors appear occasionally, and you decide to try a digital method. Now, everything is done and calculated in a spreadsheet and is going well until a careless employee deletes part of the record by mistake. You realize you can no longer continue with the same system.

You must find a solution that doesn’t rely on another human being; preferably, it should be as automatic as possible. That’s why there’s time clock software. With this software, you can measure your employees’ work time no matter how much your company grows, ensuring there will be no errors in the payroll.

Keep reading to learn more about this software and how it can help your company!

Read Here All You Need to Know About Time Clock Software

What Is Time Clock Software?

A time clock is a device that employees use to record when they enter and leave work. In its most basic form, the punch timesheet, which, according to Finances Online, is still used in 38% of companies in the USA, is a card or piece of paper marked each time the employee begins and ends his day.

However, this system is not exactly secure. For a time, clock’s manual methods to work, you must have certainties such as whether your employees are honestly reporting their time or whether you are calculating payments accurately and equitably.

However, a practical and simple solution for those concerns is time clock software. This technology allows the company to manage workers’ work time more efficiently using unique identification numbers or biometrics. This ensures employees’ accountability and accuracy in employee payments.

Time clock software simplifies your employees’ time tracking, improves their timekeeping experience, and increases confidence in fast, error-free payments.

Everything About Resource Management’s Time Clock Software

You may be familiar with time clock software, but it’s not always clear whether your company needs it. Additionally, you may wonder what types of time clock software available and which functions are important to your company. In this section, we will discuss these questions and more.

What type of companies use time clock software?

Time clock software is helpful but only necessary for some industries. These are some of the companies that can benefit from having one.

  • Companies with hourly employees: Hourly workers are paid based on their working time, and the best way to keep track is with time clock software. This way, inconveniences can be avoided.
  • Companies that perform billable hourly work: Companies that provide client services, such as consultants or agencies, use time clock software to check how many billable hours their employees work for specific clients.
  • A company looking to track how long certain work takes: If your company wants to optimize specific processes, using an employee time clock can be a great way to collect baseline metrics. That way, you can check how fast a specific task takes before you make changes and then again after you implement the changes.

Pros and cons of time clocks

Before deciding if implementing time clock software is the right solution for your business, it is good to know the pros and cons of these systems.

Pros of Time Clock Software

  • Improves employee accountability by ensuring they stick to their schedule and tasks.
  • Reduces the risk of an employee committing fraud with payroll and hours worked.
  • It allows you to extract productivity and performance data reliably and accurately.

Cons of Time Clock Software

  • Your employees may feel that you do not trust them, feel that they are being watched, or that their privacy is being violated.
  • In cases where employees work remotely, it is not easy to know if an employee who has set the clock is really working.
  • The risk of human error is reduced but not eliminated. The employee may forget to activate the time clock software, losing work hours.

When moving to time clock software, be clear with your employees about what you want to do and why, so that they do not feel that you are watching them or violating their privacy.

Learn Here What is Time Clock Software

Important features of time clock software

Geofencing time clocks 

Employees can clock in using their own devices in a geotargeted location. This option provides location information without invasive tools. Time clock software allows clock-in regardless of GPS location. You can see where your team is when they clock in/out.

Automate labor costs

Employee time tracking software helps monitor hours and prevent exceeding labor costs. Using such software saves time and effort, allowing for better scheduling.

Ensure compliance with local labor laws

Use time-tracking software to monitor hourly wage laws and avoid accidental wage garnishment. Compliance tools will alert you of any changes in labor laws so you can remain compliant.

Connect timesheets to payroll

Employee time clock software can integrate time sheets with payroll software, saving time and minimizing calculation mistakes and total hours.

Integrates with other business software

Good employee time clock software should integrate with your payroll, point-of-sale software, business tools, and job boards. This way, all aspects of your business are in one place, making it convenient to manage everything from a single platform.

Schedule a Demo: Let’s Explore the Possibilities Together

Manual time-tracking methods become impractical as your company grows, leading to errors and inefficiencies. Transitioning to a digital solution like Resource Management, Inc.’s (RMI) time clock software becomes essential for accurate and automated time management.

With the integration of PrismHR, RMI offers comprehensive and secure cloud-based technology that manages the entire HR lifecycle, ensuring efficiency. This platform is more than just time clock software. It allows you to seamlessly create, customize, and share reports, assign and confirm training, and streamline open enrollment.

The user-friendly PrismHR application, accessible via computer or mobile devices, is backed by experienced technology professionals. At RMI, we have been a family-run business with over 27 years of experience and commitment to clients’ success. By choosing our integrated technology, you can consolidate time clock management, payroll, and other critical functions into one platform, simplifying your business processes.

Schedule a demo and trust our expertise to elevate your business operations and ensure accurate, efficient, and compliant HR management.

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