The Best Software to Minimize Downtime for Your Business

System downtime can be frustrating and costly. In fact, research from Dunn & Bradstreet found that, “59 percent of Fortune 500 companies experience a minimum of 1.6 hours of downtime per week, which translates into losing more than $46 million per year.”


If downtime can be this problematic for big companies with comprehensive IT departments, just think of the havoc it can wreak on a much smaller business with only finite resources. Fortunately, there are some effective software platforms that can dramatically minimize downtime for your business.



Axcient is one of the go-to vendors for IT resilience and has worked with big name clients like Budget Car Rental, Cellular One and even Pepsi. They provide a wide range of cloud-based services including backup and recovery, business continuity and disaster recovery.


This platform does everything from guarding against sophisticated cyber attacks and data replication to disaster preparation and full database recovery. No matter what’s thrown at your business, you can easily recuperate and get things back on track without a lot of stress.


Evolve IP DRaaS

According to Evolve IP’s website, “DRaaS ZT (Zerto) is a hypervisor-based replication product allowing customers flexibility and complete control over virtual machine replication, failover testing, failover and failback.”


In plain English, this means that the software replicates your business’s data and saves it in a cloud environment. In the event of a disaster such as severe weather, a natural disaster or even a terrorist attack, your data can be easily retrieved by accessing near real-time recovery points, and you should experience little to no disruption.


Agility Recovery myAgility

This company has been around since 1989 as a unit of GE and currently protects over 20,000 North American businesses. Agility prides itself on the level of flexibility they offer, which makes it ideal for small to mid-sized businesses.


The myAgility platform is a secure web portal where you can save critical documents, store and update inventory information and notify customers, vendors and employees. The interesting thing about Agility is that they also provide a full-scale service where they’ll equip you with computers, servers and even provide you with generators and office space in the event of a major disaster.


Strategic BCP® ResilienceONE®

This platform relies upon four key components:

  • IT Run Books
  • Recovery Playbooks
  • Minimal Operational Configuration
  • Notification Call Tree

Using ResilienceONE® allows you to create a game plan that will ensure that you’re equipped and prepared in a worst case scenario when you don’t have your typical IT infrastructure in place. It helps you get things back on track so you can still serve your customers and maintain profitability even when a major curve ball is thrown your way.


We live in a tempestuous and turbulent world, making it impossible to predict when and where a disaster will occur. Whether it’s something as severe as Superstorm Sandy or just a prolonged power outage, setbacks can bring a company to its knees. By utilizing one of these software platforms, you can minimize downtime for your business and keep operations on track.



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