Get Started with Human Resources Outsourcing

Here’s How We’ll Work Together

At the start of our process, we help you understand how well you’re doing with HR duties – and how we can help. Our four step process includes:

  • Defining your HR department’s responsibilities and Management’s expectations.
  • Assessing your workplace and current HR practices.
  • Analyzing the data gathered and preparing a report of the findings for you.
  • Setting goals based on your strengths as an organization, and plans to correct any weaknesses.


With this process we’re able to find out how we can best serve you as your professional employer organization (PEO) or human resources outsourcing (HRO). Once you’re ready to begin, your sales executive will walk you through your Client Service agreement, and you’ll be assigned to an HR Professional.

Your HR professional will be your on call team member that is there to answer questions, explain the RMI benefits and assist your employees with new hire paperwork. Through the course of the enrollment meeting, web training and the first payroll, they’ll be by your side to make sure your data is correct and your employees are guided through the enrollment process.

Once your programs have been put into place, your HR professional – and the entire RMI team – is available to help you simplify HR.

Learn more about our Human Resources Services, or contact us today for a free consultation.