RMI Welcomes Pedro Fernandez to the Team

RMI is excited to officially announce our newest team member – Pedro Fernandez. He’s an incredibly valuable asset to our company and brings his own distinct blend of knowledge and expertise to RMI.


A Florida native, Mr. Fernandez was born and raised in Miami and Key Largo but now makes his home in Orlando. He is a graduate of the University of Miami School of Law and has been a criminal prosecutor. He has served as U.S. Counsel for an international banking software company, General Counsel for a truck manufacturer and has even established his own law firm that focused on corporate legal matters.

In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family, playing golf and baseball, deep sea fishing, cooking and collecting cars. At times, he also volunteers as a coach in baseball and football.


What He Brings to the Team

Mr. Fernandez initially represented RMI as an outside counsel. Through the work and relationships he developed, he became intrigued with the business and RMI’s story. From this point forward, he will represent and counsel RMI on all legal matters. He will also oversee the human resources department and be involved in management decisions. His vast experience and wealth of knowledge will make him a key part of the RMI team.


A Perfect Fit

Mr. Fernandez and RMI were a great fit right from the start. He has always enjoyed representing companies with enormous potential for growth. In his eyes, RMI has that potential to grow. He states, “I like joining organizations that are in the process of growing, and I like growing along with them. I’m not into jumping into a giant company and just going along for the ride.”

One thing that drew him to the company is the level of attention that RMI gives to each of its clients regardless of size. Mr. Fernandez says, “From the time that I’ve been here, I’ve noticed that every single client, no matter if they’re a two-person shop or if they’ve got 500 employees, they’re treated equally. We give the same type of service to a Company that has one or two employees as we do to a Company that has 500.”

He also likes that RMI is managed and operated with integrity and on the basis of doing things the right way. As a lawyer, this is something that he wants to be a part of.


An Opportunity

Mr. Fernandez has witnessed a lot of change over the years in his home state of Florida. Many immigrants from Latin America, as well as people from the Northeast, are relocating there. A younger demographic in the state has resulted in many new business startups. It’s growth-oriented, which provides a great opportunity for RMI to help these businesses flourish. His background in Florida along with his familiarity with the business landscape of the state will be a significant asset to that growth.   


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