Termination Handbook:

A Guide to Letting Employees Go

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Terminating employees is often an unpleasant, yet essential part of running any business. There are multiple factors that employers must keep in mind to streamline the process and avoid any backlash.

With laws and regulations in place to protect employees from wrongful termination, it’s important to follow correct procedures and operate within the confines of the law. In this handbook, we tackle the big topics that small and mid-sized business owners need to know. 

RMI’s employee termination handbook covers:

  • Guidelines for creating termination policies
  • The importance of documenting poor employee performance/misbehavior
  • Relevant laws in place that impact termination
  • Employee rights
  • Protecting your business from lawsuits
  • The basics of Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)
  • How to make termination easier on you and your employees
  • Post firing procedures 

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