Is Mobile Technology Working for Your Business?

The use of mobile technology has spread like wildfire over the past few years. Google’s mobile-friendly update and mobile-first indexing are proof of its ubiquity and have made it nearly impossible to deny.

But is mobile technology working for you? Examining a few key statistics will shed light on the direction mobile is heading to see whether or not you’re on track.


“66 percent of small business owners use mobile technology”

A report from Constant Contact found that two-thirds of small business owners use mobile technology in some form. In terms of specific uses, they are far-ranging and include everything from marketing to financials. According to a survey of over 1,300 business owners, some common uses include the following.


“73 percent conduct social media marketing”

This statistic should come as no surprise with social media and mobile use being so intertwined. With the popularity of mobile-centric networks like Instagram and Snapchat on the rise, it’s likely that this number will continue to rise.

Just think about it. Using mobile devices for managing a social media campaign tends to be much more convenient and efficient than a desktop because you can update and engage on the go.


“71 percent conduct email marketing”

Just behind social media marketing is email. The most savvy marketers understand that the majority of people now use mobile to open their email. In fact, Litmus reports, “Mobile represents 54 percent of all open email.” So why not get on board and use mobile technology as a means of managing an email marketing campaign?


“44 percent advertise through social platforms”

In the past, companies were largely limited to Google Adwords for paid advertising. Now the major players like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all offer paid advertising as well. Social platforms are quickly becoming a popular option for small businesses across a variety of industries.


“34 percent have a mobile-optimized website”

The “Mobilegeddon” update that occurred in 2015 was a wake-up call that proved the importance of having a mobile-optimized website. Many marketers heeded the call and put in the effort to make their websites more mobile-friendly.


“18 percent run a mobile tablet-based payment point of sale”

Although this is a relatively small number, it shows how mobile technology is becoming more intertwined with daily operations. Many companies that have implemented this type of system report an improved customer experience, smoother checkout process and reduced lines.


“18 percent use mobile apps to manage operations, like accounting”

Handling tasks like accounting, payroll and time tracking can be arduous and are notoriously error prone. However, a select number of small businesses have realized how mobile technology can streamline these tasks and reduce glitches.

It’s easy to see why mobile technology has become so pervasive. Not only does it enable small business owners to connect with their target demographic, it makes some of the more meticulous areas of operations more efficient. If this type of technology is something you’ve failed to adopt or are under-utilizing, it’s wise to implement and experiment with it in some form.


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