Payroll Resources and Services

Payroll is just a small part of what we do – but we understand how critical it is to your business. Your employees rely on you to deliver payroll services on time and precisely. Simplify the process with RMI. Working with us as your payroll resources and services partner, you can lower your overhead costs associated with paycheck preparation and payroll processing – all while keeping compliant with your duties as an employer.


Fortunately, with RMI’s reliable payroll resources and services, you can have precise payroll and tax administration with all of the customization your unique business requires.


Simplify payroll with the following services:

  • Paycheck preparation and payroll processing for fast, easier payroll without errors. Get this time consuming task off of your to do list.
  • Tax filing assistance to ensure you’re compliant with your legal requirements and report accurately on all payroll matters. In addition, we can handle W-2 preparation
  • Garnishment administration to meet the needs of individual employees and programs.
  • Time off accruals for accurate vacation time and benefits calculation.
  • W-2 preparation to simplify end of year filings and employee tax preparation.
  • Direct deposit services which seamlessly issues payroll from your bank to employees’.
  • Time and attendance system imports to provide more accurate reporting and overviews of employee performance.
  • Certified Payrolls for government contractors and other specialized categories of payroll.


Our Client Accounting and GL integration solutions are also an option for your payroll services needs. With this service, our software can be integrated with your other accounting software (ie: Quickbooks, Peachtree) for comprehensive tracking and control of your expenses.


We also offer a convenient paperless payroll option. This quicker, more eco-friendly route takes place entirely online in a secured environment. You send your payroll requirements, we process them and then your employees are paid electronically. Nothing to be printed, shipped or stamped!