Human Resource Solutions For Your Company

Let RMI handle the day to day HR needs in your company while you concentrate on what is most important in your business. Get the support that you need through our human resources solutions designed to make your work life easier.


Your personal HR consultant can provide the following solutions:

  • New hire procedures (including INS form I-9) that will get new employees off to a great start at your company. Our employee orientation resources will cover everything you need from essential legal forms to standard company policies that smooth the integration of new staff members.
  • Legally compliant employee handbooks that will provide employees with information and guidelines that are critical to your company. Having an effective handbook can help you avoid court, improve overall operations and motivate employee performance.
  • Customized policy development and handbook addendums to adapt to changes in the law and at your workplace. Keeping your handbook up to date is be simple with our help.
  • Performance evaluations guidance to formally evaluate employees on an annual or semi-annual basis. From checklists to sample questions to evaluation criteria, we can help ensure that employees are evaluated accurately and thoroughly.
  • Employee termination guidance and planning to minimize damage to both the company and employee. Make the termination process as stress-free for all parties with proven practices and reliable checklists.
  • Unemployment claim processing and hearing assistance on an as-needed basis. Dealing with the legalities of unemployment claims is simple with our help.
  • Assistance with department of labor/EEOC regulatory compliance. Limit employer-related liability issues and ensure your adherence to important laws.
  • Regular HR practices audits to review your company policies and practices. Your personal HR consultant will make suggestions based on current laws and adapted for your unique business needs.
  • Access to a thorough employee information database that offers self-serve information on a myriad of essential HR topics.
  • Access to an online HR toolkit and manual to provide guidance and education for your in-house staff that deals with human resources issues.


Our expert HR consultants are here to help! With reliable and legally compliant human resources solutions, RMI will help you simplify and save time.