HR Administration and Onsite Training

No matter the size of your organization, your people are your biggest asset. That’s why it’s so important to focus on helping employees at all stages understand important HR administration policies and practices – from lower level to management level.


Employees who have gone through training programs offer better performance, boosted productive and stronger loyalty to your company. Management teams that understand and adhere to, important policies, regulations and compliance issues can help build a stronger framework within your company – as well as protect you from any legal situations.


With HR administration and onsite training from RMI, your entire organization can benefit. Our programs are customized to meet your company’s unique needs and culture, all while meeting essential guidelines for legal business practices.


Our training programs can include:


Sexual harassment policies – Investment in sexual harassment prevention is a must for your business to ensure compliance and smooth any future investigations or litigation. Having employees at all levels participate in sexual harassment prevention training programs are a must for any modern organization. Our onsite HR administration sexual harassment programs can keep employees cognizant of your organization’s policies as well as the nature of sexual harassment in real world situations.


Management skills – Sharpen current (and potential) managers’ skills with ongoing training in the skills associated with managing people in a modern workplace. Companies that consistently train in the areas of leadership, management and communication are rewarded with a stronger workforce. With our onsite HR administration management skills training, you’ll be more satisfied with the overall performance of your managers and their teams.


Time management – Mastering excellent time management can give employees at any role in your company a boost in confidence and efficiency – which produces greater results for you. By training employees in essential time management techniques like delegating, prioritization, goal setting and more, your organization can see an improvement in productivity, attitude and team work. Onsite time management training can help minimize stress across your organization and improve your bottom line.


In addition to these topics, we can also provide onsite training on a number of other essential business management practices and programs.