Claims Management: RMI is On Your Side

Never Have to Worry With RMI’s Claims Management and Services

The world of HR is becoming more complicated as the number of regulations on the federal, state and local level increase, as well as the growing desire to provide comprehensive benefits and streamline employee management issues. As a result, a number of companies seek out human resources outsourcing as a cost effective and trustworthy resource to run their businesses more efficiently while staying within compliance.


By simplifying your business with RMI’s claims management and services, you can protect your employees as well as minimize your risk. Our workers’ compensation programs are designed to assist in preventing workers’ compensation complications, mitigating costs and relieving you of the administrative burden associated with workers’ compensation and claims. As a client of RMI, you have access to a 24 hour claim reporting system that effectively reduces reporting time to the carrier and ultimately the cost of the claim.


We manage worker’s compensation claims from cradle to grave – from reporting to resolution. Protect your workforce and your organization with RMI’s workers’ compensation made simple.


Our claims management services include:

  • Prompt workers’ compensation certificate of insurance issuance.
  • Claims administration and management
  • Safety program development consultation and preparation
  • Worksite safety evaluations
  • Risk management training resources
  • OSHA guidance and consulting
  • Accident investigation
  • Return to work programs


With RMI, your claims management process is no longer a hassle. You and your staff can focus on what’s most important to you, and take the ins and outs of workers’ compensation compliance off of your plate.


After a consultation about your business needs, status and goals, our claims management specialists will craft a custom solution that will take care of it all. As workers’ compensation issues arise, RMI’s qualified staff can take over the process, work with adjusters and deliver the results you and your employees are looking for.