How to Use Facebook to Promote Your Small Business


Due to the sheer volume of active users, Facebook is undeniably the top social network for reaching consumers regardless of your niche or industry. In fact, studies from the Pew Research Center website report that “As of mid-2015, 72 percent of adult Internet users and 62 percent of the entire adult population were Facebook users.” By utilizing the right techniques, you can use Facebook to promote your small business and see significant results.


Post Only Relevant Content

Relevancy is a key component Facebook marketing. It’s imperative that you have a solid understanding of your demographic–exactly who you’re attempting to reach. While it’s okay to post a variety of content, you’ll want to ensure that there’s an underlying thread tying everything together.


Post at Optimal Times

One aspect of social media marketing is the time in which you post. For example, if you post content at 4 a.m., it’s likely to only reach a fraction of your audience simply because this isn’t a time when many are checking their accounts.

You can reach your maximum audience by understanding when Facebook is frequented the most and adjusting your posting schedule accordingly. An infographic on HubSpot’s website actually highlights the optimal times to post:

  • 12 – 1 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays
  • 3 – 4 p.m. on Wednesdays
  • 1 – 4 p.m. on Thursdays and Fridays

If you are unable to post at these times or simply want to streamline the process, you can always automate your posts and schedule them ahead of time through a tool like Hootsuite.


Actively Engage Your Audience

If you’re not continually engaging your audience (e.g. leaving comments, responding to comments and holding discussions), it’s going to be difficult to gain any real traction. To get the exposure you need, you should get in the habit of engaging and interacting as much as possible because this will be your ticket to building a legitimate following.


Consider Facebook Advertising

Regardless of how great your product/service is or how adept at branding you are, social media is often a slow going process. For some small businesses, it can be painfully slow and may take years to obtain any noticeable results. You can expedite the process significantly by utilizing Facebook Ads.

The concept is simple and fairly similar to traditional pay-per-click advertising. You pay to advertise on this network and actively target your core audience. It’s great because you can zone-in on your specific demographic and break it down by geographical location, interests, age and so on.

You also don’t have to spend a fortune for Facebook advertising. In fact, you can get started for as little as five dollars. If you’re unsure of how to get started, this resource fromFacebook will show you the ropes.


There’s no doubt that Facebook is an incredibly valuable marketing resource. No matter what industry you’re in, using Facebook to promote your small business can get you the followers, leads and ultimately conversions you’re looking for.


Photo by Antigo Coletivo Mambembe

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