How to Turn Your Business Dreams into Habits

The whole notion of “turning your business dreams into reality” may sound cliché, but goal-setting is important. Business dreams can be the initial spark that gets you to take action. To convert the abstract into the tangible, turn your business dreams into habits, which involves a three-step process.


1. Develop a “Blueprint”

The first and most essential step is to decide what your ideal vision is. You need to look at things on the macro level and have a clear idea of your overarching dream. You can liken it to building a house where your ideal vision will serve as the “blueprint,” which will guide you during construction.

By looking at that blueprint you will know what materials are necessary to build the house, and you can follow it until your business dream has fully materialized. Be as specific as possible and stay away from nebulous terms like, “I want my business to be successful,” or, “I want it to be profitable.” Instead, opt for tangible, measurable goals like, “I want to increase sales by 25 percent by [X date].”


2. Create a Series of Smaller Goals

Next, you’ll need to figure out the sequence of steps that must be accomplished for your dream to become a reality. Again, be highly specific and really think it through until you know exactly what needs to be done.

For example, if your dream was to increase sales by 25 percent, you might:

  • Hire two high caliber salespeople
  • Launch a rebranding campaign
  • Enroll in a course on conversion rate optimization (CRO) for your website
  • Increase sales by 10 percent in Q1
  • Increase sales by 15 percent in Q2
  • Increase sales by 20 percent in Q3
  • Increase sales by 25 percent in Q4


Once you have your sequence of goals defined, it’s time to build habits around them.


3. Engage in Daily Habits

Figure out which specific habits you need to engage in to accomplish your smaller goals, which will ultimately actualize your business dreams. Here are some habits that would increase the likelihood of increasing sales by 25 percent:

  • Reading one high-end blog post every day about attracting and retaining top tier salespeople
  • Reading one blog post every day about maximizing employee productivity
  • Reading one chapter a day in a book on branding
  • Completing an assignment each day for your CRO course
  • Spending one hour a week brainstorming new branding ideas
  • Spending one hour a week doing market research to identify industry trends

There’s one more important point to make. Not everything will work out as you plan. It’s just not realistic. You should account for this by creating a “pivot,” which means having a backup habit to overcome any challenge you face along the way. Being flexible and adaptable should reduce any friction and help you stay the course.

The process of turning your business dreams into habits essentially involves reverse engineering. By completing daily habits, you can accomplish smaller goals, which should eventually enable you to accomplish a major goal on the macro level.


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