How Should Your Business Celebrate the Holidays?

The holiday season is a bit of a double-edged sword for small businesses. On one hand, it’s a fun and festive time of year with the opportunity for increased sales. On the other, it can be incredibly disruptive with employees requesting vacation time, office parties and a host of other distractions.

This begs the question. Just how should your business celebrate the holidays?


Give Your Employees a Breather

Almost every small business will close its doors on Christmas and New Years. If possible, it’s ideal to give your employees more than just the bare minimum time off. It’s great if you can give them just a few extra days off to spend time with family and friends and simply recharge their batteries.

For instance, you might want to let them take off December 24 – 26 and December 31 – January 1 to accommodate for festivities and travel. Not only is this good for morale, it can prevent a lot of disruptions because many of your employees will be requesting these days off anyway.


Be Generous

The holidays and Christmas, in particular, are a time for good will and giving. It’s a smart idea to go the extra mile and show your employees, customers, clients, etc. how much you appreciate and value them.

You don’t have to go over the top, and even a small gift card can serve as a token of your appreciation. If you’re looking for other affordable ideas, check out this resource from Business News Daily.


Throw Up Some Christmas Office Decorations

One quandary that small businesses have is whether or not to be festive and deck the workplace out with Christmas decorations. Generally speaking, it’s a good move to decorate in a tasteful manner without going over the top.


Keep Your Office Party Laid Back

Most small businesses feel like they need to have the mandatory office party. While it’s usually a good idea to build team chemistry and boost morale, there’s no reason to take it to excess. For instance, it’s recommended that you have it at your workplace because it’s less expensive and reduces the likelihood of someone over-drinking like they would if it was held at a restaurant or formal venue.

You also don’t need to spend hundreds on catering and food. A nice, informal get-together where everyone can spend some quality time with one another lets everyone relax and enjoy a festive atmosphere.

When deciding how involved your small business should get with the holidays, it’s usually best to shoot for somewhere in the middle. Definitely celebrate the holidays and give your employees a chance to unwind. Remember, you don’t have to spend a fortune or invest a massive amount of time in the process. Try to find a happy medium that works for your business.


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