Fitness Tips for the Busy Entrepreneur

Staying in shape and adhering to a fitness regimen can be difficult in its own right. Combine this with the daily grind of running a business and it can be incredibly daunting. There are a few key fitness tips that will help the busy entrepreneur maintain top physical health.


Get a “Portable Gym”

It’s common for entrepreneurs to find themselves on the road. Sometimes for weeks at a time. So how can you stay in shape when you don’t always have access to a gym or your usual equipment?

Create your own “portable gym.” This will involve a few pieces of equipment that are lightweight and can easily be stowed away in your luggage. A set of resistance bands set up in seconds and allow you to get a full body workout in your hotel room.

Gliding disks target your abdominal muscles and are perfect for lunges. A portable kettlebell is also helpful. It fills up with water and will work your entire body. The best part is that a portable gym is quite affordable and can usually be set up for less than $100.


Sign Up for a Healthy Meal Delivery Service

Proper diet and nutrition are essential for operating at your best. Finding the time to cook a full course meal when you’re already juggling a plethora of other business tasks can prove difficult. The solution is to sign up for a healthy meal delivery service.

It’s similar to services like Blue Apron and Hello Chef!, but the meals come fully prepared so there’s no arduous cooking required on your end. You simply heat and eat. A couple of services to check out are Metabolic Meals and Healthy Chef Creations.


Exercise While You Work

If you’re completely swamped with work and just don’t have time to fit in a legitimate workout, there are numerous exercises you can do while you’re working. You may look a little crazy to your colleagues and employees, but it’s effective. Here are some specific exercises to try:

  • The abs squeeze – Take a deep breathe until your abdominal muscles tighten. Keep them squeezed for roughly 10 seconds and release. Do 12 – 15 reps.
  • Take mini-breaks to jog in place – Do this in one-minute intervals throughout the day whenever you get a chance. It’s not as effective as a legitimate jogging session but will improve your cardio.
  • The desk squat – This is a good way to target your glutes and thighs. Rather than sitting, push your desk chair away and bend your knees until you’re squatting as if you were sitting in a chair. Make sure your thighs are parallel to the ground for maximum impact. Hold for 15 seconds and do five reps.


These are just a few ideas. You can get many more on this post from Greatist.

Getting adequate exercise isn’t always easy for the busy entrepreneur. Following these fitness tips should help you take a step in the right direction. With a little discipline and perseverance, you can feel better physically, minimize long-term health risks, elevate your mood and be more productive.


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