How QBS Trusts RMI with Critical HR Management Functions

Nation-wide training organization trusts RMI to manage their payroll, employee benefits and ad hoc legal HR issues.

Quality Behavioral Solutions, Inc (QBS) is an MA-based organization offering training and consultation for clients in the residential, treatment, educational and healthcare environments. The company focuses on providing comprehensive, accredited crisis prevention and behavioral safety training programs in locations across the United States and Canada.

Optimal Teaching Strategies to Develop
Client Competencies

Since its establishment in 1997, QBS has served thousands of people through multiple programs that reached a wide range of populations. The company’s programs use optimal teaching strategies to develop competencies in clients’ employee teams, with a view to enabling client companies to provide effective behavioral services independently after training.

Training programs presented by QBS are intended to help clients’ staff become more skilled, competent and creative, as well as more effective at addressing behavioral challenges. These include Safety-Care Behavioral Safety Training, Safety-Care for Families, Geri-Care Behavioral Safet Training, Quality Behavioral Competencies and a range of engaging educational seminars relevant to behavioral treatment and safety.

Jack McLellan, MBA is the Director of Finance, Communications, and Human Resources for QBS. He joined the company in July 2005, around the same time that QBS began using the services of Resources Management Inc. (RMI).

With a Master’s degree in business administration and experience in marketing and communications in the human resources field, Mr. McLellan is responsible for corporate marketing and advertising of QBS to a specific client base. He also handles all the documentation for new recruits and explains their responsibilities and benefits to them.

Mr. McLellan monitors the time cards and sheets on a bi-weekly basis for payroll processing services and contacts RMI for the answer to any questions arising from the timekeeping protocols. He finds the system easy to use and self-explanatory.

Easy-to-Use Payroll and Benefits Systems

QBS originally signed up with RMI for the purpose of managing the company’s payroll, including health benefits and the company’s 401(k) contributions. At that point, QBS comprised a small staff complement of four, including Mr. McLellan, the CEO Dr. Lennox and two staff members.

With the CEO handling all human resources (HR) functions as well as payroll personally, he was becoming overloaded and needed to delegate some parts of his workload. Dr. Lennox searched for a company that could help support him in various functions and found RMI to take over the payroll

Mr. McLellan was appointed the task of working with RMI. He initially worked with Rocco Mammone, but for the past two years has been working with Esther Serrano. RMI recently implemented a new dashboard, which Mr. McLellan uses when he enters the payroll hours.

“The overall experience with RMI is excellent”

“As soon as I have a question, they have an answer for me right away, so they are right on top of everything for me.”

Mr. McLellan

Keeping in Touch

Since RMI manages the employee health benefits for QBS, the company makes time to connect with the QBS executive team once a year to talk about the benefits they offer to employees. Since health care plans undergo changes almost every year, Mr. McLellan appreciates the fact that RMI sends a representative to explain the health benefits to staff.

“The employees find this very beneficial.”

“And we trust RMI to give them the information they
need and to guide their decisions on healthcare benefits.”

Mr. McLellan

A Legal Benefit

RMI also offers legal services that Mr. McLellan has come to rely on. In an instance where QBS was in the process of terminating an employee when they discovered she was pregnant, RMI was able to bring in an attorney to advise QBS on the process to follow. As a result, the employee was clear she was being terminated for performance and not because of her pregnancy.

A “Can’t Live Without” Service

“After 12 years of working with RMI, I have absolutely no cons to mention,” says Mr. McLellan. “And I certainly wouldn’t be able to live without them handling the payroll, because that’s a process that can be fraught with headaches about taxes, unemployment, insurance and other stuff. They deal with it all on our behalf.”

Additional Details

RMI + QBS QBS originally signed up with RMI in September 2005 for the purpose of managing the company’s payroll, including health benefits and the company’s 401(k) contributions. At that point, QBS comprised a small staff complement of four, including Mr. McLellan, the CEO Dr. Lennox and two staff members. Over the past twelve years, not only has the company grown but so has the QBS/RMI relationship with QBS adding more features available to their employees that RMI handles seamlessly for them.