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Alex Lopez on July 1, 2015

Top HR Trends of 2015 So Far

Human resources play a major role in shaping business operations and is an area that’s constantly evolving. As technology and new ideas develop, this evolution is expedited even more, and new trends emerge each year. Let’s now examine some of the top HR trends of 2015 in hopes of gaining a better understanding of what the future holds.


A Generational Shift Has Become More Evident

When you look at many of today’s workforces, you’ll see a considerable number of “millennials” in leadership roles. The baby boomers that dominated the workforce for so many years are now entering retirement, and a younger, more tech-savvy generation is taking their place. While a few years ago, the majority of millennials were primarily in subordinate positions, they’re now taking the reigns in 2015, and many are now the decision makers.

On top of this, we’ve now began to see the emergence of “Generation Z” employees, which are individuals born between 1995 and 2010. Members of this generation are finishing up with college and beginning to gradually move into the workforce. As a result, it’s becoming more important for HR departments to properly train these younger workers to ease the transition.


There’s a Bigger Emphasis on Employee Retention

Employee retention rates simply aren’t what they used to be. In fact, Fortune reports, “86 percent of job seekers who are already employed are looking for work outside their current occupations.” Whether you want to chalk this up to more job options in a post-recession era or younger workers continually on the lookout for greener pastures, the lower retention rate has created a lot of headaches for some companies.

That’s why many HR departments are striving to do whatever it takes to minimize turnover. Some strategies that are being implemented include:

  • Working to develop a stronger and more cohesive company culture
  • Offering more benefits to keep talented individuals around for longer
  • Offering paid time off to reduce employee burnout and give days off as needed


Technology Has Become More Intertwined With Recruiting

Technological advancements have greatly streamlined the way that companies now recruit new workers. For instance, video interviewing to save time and eliminate the need for travel is becoming more common. Social media is also playing a bigger role in recruiting. According to LinkedIn, “58 percent of companies feel their social networking platform has helped them attract great talent.” The bottom line is that businesses that adapt to technology as a recruitment medium are more likely to acquire talented employees than those who use more antiquated techniques.


More Companies Are Utilizing Big Data

The term “big data” is seemingly everywhere these days, and it’s no different in the HR world. Companies are using sophisticated analytics and data projection to make the workplace more efficient and maximize productivity. For example, the accumulation of data over time might find that employees are most productive between the hours of 10 am through 1 pm Tuesday through Thursday. This information could then be used to assign workers the most important tasks during these time blocks.

By looking at these HR trends of 2015, you can get a sense of the direction that human resources is taking. This will hopefully help your business make the necessary moves to stay on track and be more competitive within your industry.

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