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Cheryl Miles on April 4, 2016

RMI Now Offers Electronic Employee Onboarding

At RMI, we understand just how integral employee onboarding is to today’s businesses. When done effectively, it makes new employees more productive, improves their performance and reduces turnover. In fact, an infographic from UrbanBound’s website states that “organizations with a standard onboarding process experience 54 percent greater new hire productivity and 50 percent greater new hire retention.”

That’s why we recently started offering electronic employee onboarding as an add-on to our human resource information system (HRIS).

What is Electronic Onboarding?

In the past, most onboarding tasks typically had to be done by hand and were highly inefficient, not to mention error prone. Employees were required to fill out a lot of paperwork – and the HR team then had to input that data into a system.

Electronic onboarding is the newer and much more efficient way to handle onboarding. It involves using a single online portal where both administrators and employees can access all relevant information. Employees can fill out forms and get up to speed on their job responsibilities. Employers can easily manage this information and automate much of the onboarding process.

Primary Features

Administrators can do the following:

  • Quickly get new employees set up
  • Manage employee information such as their address, pay rate and job status
  • Enter and upload payroll
  • Review payroll invoices
  • Check out reports
  • Stay notified of any forms that need to be filled out

You can also add customized elements like your company’s handbook or present things like policies and benefits.

When it comes to employees, an electronic onboarding platform allows them to conveniently fill out personal information (e.g. first and last name, social security, birth date, email, etc.) and verify employment eligibility. All the while, the system helps walk them through the process to minimize any confusion or complications. 

Top Benefits

When compared with traditional, more antiquated techniques, electronic employee onboarding has three main benefits. First, it streamlines and automates onboarding in a way that reduces any frustration that you or your employees may have felt in the past. This means you spend less time entering meticulous details and can get new employees familiarized with relevant information.

Second, you can dramatically reduce the odds of incurring penalties due to missing or incorrect information. Electronic employee onboarding is designed with legal compliance in mind and will notify you when something needs your attention. This gives you more peace of mind and should keep you clear of ugly legal fees.

Finally, this is a great way to engage employees right out of the gate and can help you retain more of your top talent. By completing the initial formalities in a way that’s simple and fluid, you can get new employees started out right. This will ensure that their first experiences are positive ones, which means they’re less likely to jump ship later on.

If you’re looking to improve and optimize your company’s onboarding, you’ll definitely want to consider electronic employee onboarding. You can learn more about the specifics by checking out this video.