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Trish Barnes on June 16, 2017

Meet a Valuable Member of the RMI Team – Monica Chavero

RMI is very much a team-oriented company, and we get a lot of joy from the personal triumph of our team members. We feel that the individual success of our employees factors into our success as a whole. One person we would like to put the spotlight on right now is Monica Chavero!

Monica moved to the United States from Argentina 15 years ago. Although her original plan was to work here for just a few years, her vision changed and Monica has been here ever since. Fast-forward to 2017 and Monica has grown tremendously in her career and is a valuable asset to the RMI Orlando team.

Over the past decade, she has amassed an immense amount of experience in sales and marketing, and her warm personality enables her to build strong relationships with her clients. Not only does Monica have a reputation for getting results, she’s helped us build and maintain multiple client relationships that have catapulted the growth of RMI.

In terms of her awards and achievements, Monica has been a board member of the Hispanic Business Council of the Kissimmee, Osceola Chamber of Commerce in Florida for the past three years. She even received an award from the Chamber of Commerce for her commitment and dedication as a trustee.

Monica has a vested interest in the success of small businesses and is involved in numerous activities that support other chamber businesses in central Florida. She believes wholeheartedly in helping small business owners thrive and flourish, which is something we collectively believe in at RMI. 

She’s also a selection committee member for the Hispanic Heritage Scholarship Fund 2017 as well as a membership and attendance coordinator for the Latino Referral Group – Kissimmee Chamber Leads Group.

During her time in the U.S., Monica has encountered numerous challenges but is incredibly grateful for all of the opportunities she has had. Through the ups and downs, she’s taken great pleasure in raising her beautiful daughter and feels blessed to have accomplished so much in her life. Not only in her career but spiritually, mentally and emotionally as well. 

Her Motto: Nothing is impossible! The word itself says IM’POSSIBLE…ASK, BELIEVE AND RECEIVE

The Perfect Fit for RMI’s Culture

Our mission at RMI is to improve human resources for companies in diverse industries, while simultaneously reducing risk and lowering costs. We also place an emphasis on building strong relationships and really making a one-on-one connection with the clients we serve. Monica’s combination of professionalism, friendliness and exceptional ability to help businesses makes her the perfect fit for RMI.

Thanks so much for everything you do Monica! Cheers to your future success.