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Reinaldo Lopez on June 19, 2015

RMI Partners With MetLife to Offer Identity Theft and Personal Data Protection

Here at RMI, we’ve offered a variety of benefits packages to employers so they could meet the needs of their employees and use it as leverage to attract and retain top talent. Some common types of benefits include healthcare, dental, vision, life and retirement plans. But with technology being increasingly pervasive and touching nearly every corner of life, we’ve decided to add a new benefit — identity theft and personal data protection. Here are the details.


The Growing Need to Protect Sensitive Data

As more and more people continue to store highly sensitive data online such as personal, financial and medical information, identity theft has become a growing concern. In fact, Fox Business Reports that “a new identity theft fraud victim was hit every two seconds in America in 2013, and there were 13.1 million total victims during that year.” With data breaches being more and more commonplace, individuals are taking this concern seriously and looking for ways to keep sensitive information safe.

At RMI, we realize that identity theft and personal data information protection is a benefit that many employers are now interested in offering to their employees. That’s why we partnered up with MetLife to offer this as a benefit, which comes with comprehensive coverage.


Personal Information That’s Protected

The technology used monitors personal, financial, medical and even social media data to cover the full spectrum. This is much more robust than many other services that only monitor credit and fail to keep tabs on other critical areas. The Internet is continually scanned to monitor things like a person’s Social Security number, bank account and passwords to ensure that everything is secure at all times.

There’s also protection for an employee’s children, which includes warding off online predators and cyberbullies. With these types of issues being a real concern for parents these days, this kind of protection can be extremely valuable. In total, there are more than 25 data points. If a data breach occurs, it will be quickly detected and the information secured to significantly reduce any sensitive data from being leaked. With such an extensive defense system in place, it helps keep would-be cybercriminals at bay and prevent financial loss and a lot of headaches.


Dedicated Support

If a data breach has occurred, a person will be notified via a timely alert. They will have access to professional customer service 24/7 for around the clock assistance. There is also a $5 million service guarantee in place. This means that if an employee becomes a victim to identity theft and suffers out-of-pocket losses due to an error on MetLife’s part, they are guaranteed to be paid up to $5 million to cover the losses.


Cost of Coverage

Coverage is fairly affordable and can include an employee’s family members. Here’s a breakdown of the rates:

  • $15.00 Employee
  • $20.00 Employee + Child(ren)*
  • $25.00 Employee + Spouse/Domestic Partner
  • $30.00 Employee + Spouse/Domestic Partner + Child(ren)*

*Covers all eligible children. Children’s eligibility is from birth up to age 26.

With technology becoming more and more intertwined with our daily lives, identity theft and personal data protection is a type of coverage that many employees are interested in. Consequently, it’s smart to consider implementing this new benefit being offered by RMI.

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