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Cheryl Miles on July 23, 2015

3 Ways HRO Software Can Simplify Arduous HR Tasks

Human resources tasks play a fundamental role in running most businesses. Handling HR the right way is necessary for ensuring a well-functioning workplace and for being compliant with a laundry list of laws and regulations. The problem is that much of HR is inherently time-consuming and can eat into your overall productivity. Fortunately, you can simplify and automate much of these tasks with HRO software – and here are three specific examples.


1) Streamline Payroll Processing

Employee payroll can easily be one of the most complex aspects of HR and a huge time drainer. If you make errors, it can result in IRS penalties and a host of other headaches. According to Paychex, the issues that most employers run into is “filling out forms incorrectly, submitting incorrect amounts, filing late and misclassifying employees.”

HRO software is helpful for three main reasons. First, it expedites payroll processing significantly by automating tasks and preventing the need to rekey information. Second, the calculations are extremely accurate for consistently reliable payroll. This means that you’re far less likely to hear from the IRS and incur needless penalties. Third, it keeps things organized and efficient, which translates into fewer complications.


2) Handle Employee Benefits Management with Ease

Whether you offer your employees a robust list of benefits or only a few, managing those benefits can be quite an ordeal. And with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) having its own list of requirements, this can be even more problematic. HRO software takes much of the guesswork out of benefits management and turns complicated tasks into simple ones. You can perform complex calculations with ease and ensure that your employees get the benefits they really want.

Whether it’s for health, dental, retirement or investment planning, you can seamlessly administer and manage benefits from a convenient online portal. You’re also more likely to save on benefits packages, and there are often employee discounts available. So this is advantageous to both you and your employees.


3) Convenient New Employee Orientation

Onboarding and getting new employees up to speed is jam-packed with challenges that can disrupt daily operations. Whether it’s obtaining their personal information for tax filing, going over company policies or providing training, this can be an extremely labor intensive process.

But with HRO software, you can customize your onboarding experience and ensure that new hires get the materials they need without it taking an eternity. For example, you can:

  • Create an introduction video to cover the bases
  • Integrate with payroll to attain all necessary personal information
  • Provide materials on polices, company culture, etc.
  • Develop online training tutorials


This is effective for getting new employees oriented so they can quickly fit in and be more productive. It’s also a convenient way to answer FAQs without having to manually do it yourself.

If you’re looking to simplify and automate laborious HR tasks, then HRO software is definitely something to consider. Not only will it make your life easier and reduce your stress, but it will help you stay out of hot water in terms of being penalized for non-compliance with laws and regulations.

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