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Trish Barnes on October 31, 2014

Creating a Technology Work – Life Balance

Juggling the day-to-day tasks of running a business can be difficult and seem overwhelming at times. When there’s a lack of efficiency in certain areas, it can make things even more problematic and be a major burden. Fortunately, the business owners of today have far more options than of those in the past. Let’s now discuss some ways to get more done, and maintain a healthier work – life balance.


Potential of Productivity and Flexibility with Technology

The main catalyst for productivity spikes in today’s workplaces is technology. Whether it’s a Cloud-based infrastructure, mobile devices or advanced metrics, technology helps employers and employees get more done in less time. Because workers aren’t limited to a single location, they can collaborate and complete tasks from practically anywhere with Internet access.

It also helps them work smarter. Besides speeding up and automating tasks that had to be done manually in the past, businesses can spot inefficiencies and correct them for maximum output. When it comes to human resources and administrative tasks, technology can increase a business’s output, while providing added flexibility to make everyone’s life easier. Here are some specific features that create a better work – life balance.


Calculate Payroll Online

Doing payroll the old fashioned way can be a tedious process and a serious time drainer. However, utilizing an online payroll service can expedite it, while ensuring a high level of accuracy. A popular choice for many business owners is to outsource payroll tasks to a human resource management company. The company will handle everything from paycheck preparation and direct deposit to W-2 preparation and tax filing. In turn, this can save a massive amount of time, while greatly reducing the chance of errors.


Online HR Support Center

Regardless of how long a person has run a business, it’s common to have HR questions and concerns. This is especially true considering the ever-changing laws and regulations that can affect company compliance. Fortunately, an online HR support center provides all the materials needed to quickly find answers and resolve issues. Common features can include job descriptions, pre-written forms, checklists, and OSHA and EEOC guidelines. Because it’s available 24/7, business owners have constant access to all the necessary resources to save them both time and money.


Web Access for Employers and Employees

One additional feature that any professional HRO will offer is a web-based portal for employers and employees to log into. This allows both parties to stay organized and keep tabs on what’s important. Employers can monitor things like payroll, employee benefits, staff performance and run reports. Employees can review company handbooks, view check stubs, look at direct deposits and check out benefits information. Having all of these resources in one convenient, online location makes it easier for everyone to stay on the same page and should minimize any confusion.

Advances in technology have been incredibly beneficial for businesses across countless industries. When used correctly, technology makes HR and administrative tasks far more efficient than in the past and helps businesses stay more organized. This ultimately creates a nice work – life balance with happier employers and employees.

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