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Tim O'Brien on November 6, 2014

3 Factors For a Happy HRO – Client Relationship

When a client decides to enlist the services of a human resources outsourcing (HRO) firm, they are entrusting the firm with a considerable portion of operations. If the two parties are on the same page, it can greatly improve a business’s human resources. If not, it can end up causing more harm than good and only complicate things.


What Clients Really Want in an HRO

While each client will have their own priorities, there are some common goals that are shared across the board. A major one is to make human resources less of a hassle. Clients don’t want to have to deal with arduous tasks and want to free up their time so they can focus more on running their business.

Clients want to know that an HRO will perform tasks with the same level of care and attention to detail that they would. They want a professional they can trust who will keep their business compliant with laws and running efficiently. Basically, business owners want to know that their HR is in good hands, and they don’t have to “babysit” to ensure that an HRO firm is doing its job.

To expound upon these client desires, here are three main factors that make for a happy HRO – client relationship.


1) Reasonable Prices

Affordability combined with quality is usually a big factor. Business owners tend to want customizability so they can right-size HR to the point where they’re paying for what they need and not paying for unneeded extras. That’s why a professional outsourcer should be flexible enough to meet the specific needs of different clients.

Hidden costs can be a source of irritation, so it’s important for an HRO firm to be upfront and not constantly hit clients over the head with unseen expenses. Accordingly, it’s helpful when a firm implements technology and common sense practices to increase productivity and lower overall costs.


2) Clear Communication

Due to ever changing laws and regulations in many industries, it isn’t always easy for clients to understand HRO. And with much of today’s collaboration being done virtually rather than face to face, it’s critical for the two parties to stay on the same page. To ensure a happy HRO – client relationship, it’s vital to have an effective means of communication so confusion and misunderstandings can be minimized.

This usually starts with an effective platform where information can be conveniently exchanged in real time. It’s also important for both parties to keep each other updated and exchange ideas as they arise.


3) Simple Outsourcing

Running a business can be difficult enough without having to deal with HR tasks on top of it. To truly build a sustainable relationship, an HRO firm needs to make the lives of their clients easier and eliminate the majority of grunt work that clients would normally face. After all, the primary reason for outsourcing HR is to reduce the amount of time a client spends on this area.

A happy HRO – client relationship is definitely possible when the two parties put forth the effort. When everyone works together, it’s a win-win situation because the client saves time and money, and the HRO firm expands its brand.

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