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Customer Spotlight

Bravo Employee 2

Member Since: 2012  | Company Size: 300-325 employees | Industry: Food Retail | Location: Orlando, FL

A consistent Payroll

For more than 25 years, Bravo Supermarkets has been dedicated to being “the neighborhood grocery store that your family can depend on.” They have more than 70 locations covering New York to Florida. Since 1991, Bravo has supported their community by providing a wide variety of food items ranging from local and international, to organic and specialty. They cater to the cultural needs of the community by personalizing the items on their shelves based on the request of local shoppers and the demographic. Bravo has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by partnering with local food banks to support families who are combating food insecurity. This type of community engagement is the foundation of what makes them so successful.

Before RMI, Bravo was using a well-known payroll provider as their solution. Unfortunately, they were constantly facing issues with the timing of payroll deliveries, inconsistent employee pay deductions, and overall mentioned “We just didn’t feel comfortable with the service.” These inconsistencies were the driving factor for Bravo to find alternative payroll support.

 “Since day 1, we felt that RMI has supported our needs no matter what the situation is. Their flexible HR and Payroll solutions enabled us to get organized and run operations smoothly.”

Aleida A.
Co-Owner of Bravo Supermarkets

Initially, Bravo was looking for a different solution, but when we shared our automated time and payroll systems, HR support, and competitive employee benefits, they gained a huge sense of comfort knowing we covered it all.  We spoke with Co-Owner, Aleida who oversees a few Bravo franchises to understand how RMI makes things easier for them. She mentioned “RMI works hand-in-hand with us to ensure we always get what we need efficiently and effectively. They truly care about their clients and it shows through their customer service. “

What really stood out to Aleida was our flexibility, organization, and consistency. Anytime she or her employees call, she knows someone at RMI has her back in resolving any situation. She added “No matter what the request, RMI never fails to deliver.” Today, we proudly service the Bravo franchise and we are honored to support a great organization that takes initiative to serve their community.

Why Bravo Supermarkets chooses RMI


HR Business Partner

  • Certified experts work together as part of your team
  • Dedicated HR business partner
  • Professional hiring and termination guidance
  • Proactive employment liability management
  • Stay ahead of changing compliance regulations
  • Tailored handbooks, forms, and workplace posters, delivered at exactly the right time.
  • On-demand HR Hub connects managers and employees
  • Make better people decisions

Employee Benefits

  • Large company benefits for small and medium employers
  • Competitive benefits plans that employees appreciate
  • Complete benefits administration
  • Benefit enrollment systems and support
  • Retirement programs
  • ACA compliance support and filings

Payroll Services

  • Payroll & tax expertise to ensure accuracy
  • Integrated payroll, time tracking, and HR systems
  • Cloud-based payroll portal for your business
  • Comprehensive payroll and tax administration
  • Powerful reporting engine
  • Deduction and garnishment administration
  • New hire and termination reporting

HR Technology

  • Streamline employee administration with a single system
  • Onboarding that gives employees a great first impression
  • Manage labor cost through comprehensive reports and
  • Manager hub for employee pay and position updates
  • Employee hub access to view compensation
  • Mobile app keeps everyone connected
  • Simple enough for small companies, but powerful enough for larger companies

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