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Member Since: 2019  | Company Size: 9-10 employees | Industry: Beer, Wine & Liquor Retail | Location: Canton, MA

Retaining employees through competetive

It’s not easy opening a business during a global pandemic, but for Josh Shields, owner of Shields Fine Wine, it proved to be a challenge accepted. After taking over Tri Town Discount Liquors from the previous owner in November of 2019, Shields had great plans to renovate with a new name, fresh feel, and a modern look. Despite the challenges of COVID-19, Josh ensured safety for all shoppers by offering contact-less services, including curbside pick-up and liquor delivery.

When business returns to normal, Shields will have in-store and at home tastings, as well as event bartending services. Whether it costs $5.99 or $500, Shields offers a wide variety of rare, hard-to-find products including liquor, beer, wine, tobacco, and cigars. To get the store up and running, Josh was working with a Small Business Development Center that referred him to RMI. 

 “We were looking for a way to offer incentives that employees couldn’t refuse, and with RMI we were able to hold on to all our existing talent that we started with.”

Josh Shields
Owner of Shields Fine Wine

They knew from the start that they wanted to be a company where employees feel valued and appreciated. To achieve their goal in retaining employees, Shields knew they needed a competitive benefits package that could attract long-term staff. Because of the quality of benefits that RMI offers, Josh has been able to achieve his goal and retain all the employees he started the company with.

But it didn’t stop with benefits, Josh appreciates the personal touch he got from RMI since the beginning. Our HR Business Consultant took the time to personally meet with Josh and his managers, to understand the nature of his business, objectives, and to find a personalized solution that worked for him. Our accuracy and attention to detail is something Josh truly values too! Our easy-to-use, transparent technology platform provides seamless HR administration, from onboarding and payroll, to benefit enrollment and performance management. He no longer has to waste time in getting new employees hired or track them on paper. RMI has given Josh the freedom to focus on what matters most, his employees, business growth, and freeing up more time for fine wine.

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