Essential Human Resources Advice

Common OSHA Violations
  • November 28, 2017
  • Steven Genduso

The 10 Most Common OSHA Violations

There are numerous types of OSHA violations that range from being fairly innocuous to extremely serious. The latter can result in costly penalties, especially if they’re repeated offenses. There are 10 in particular that occur most frequently. Knowing these specific violations gives your company the insight necessary to address any issues.   1. Fall Protection Read More

Handling Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
  • November 21, 2017
  • Rachel Lopez

HR’s Role in Handling Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Sexual harassment is an issue that plagues much of the American workplace. It’s something that companies should be diligent about preventing and know how to handle in the event that a situation arises. This ultimately falls into HR’s lap.   Addressing it Head On A recent poll from YouGov found that 23 percent of U.S. Read More

measuring performance
  • November 15, 2017
  • Pedro Fernandez

How Measuring and Managing Employee Performance Drives Business Growth

Ongoing communication with staff eliminates confusion, boosts performance, and narrows everyone’s focus to company priorities. That, in turn, achieves improved results and drives profits. Measuring and managing employee performance is the core of performance management, and it is key to growing your business.   Measure and Manage Employee Performance Measuring employee job performance to continually improve Read More

Performance Management for Employees
  • November 9, 2017
  • Pedro Fernandez

The Benefits of Performance Management for Employees

A well-defined performance management process that’s built on consistent, constructive feedback helps your business retain and develop world-class employee talent. Together with goal setting, frequent feedback lets employees know they are valued, which increases their commitment and performance.   How Performance Management Works Performance management is a powerful tool that improves employee engagement through ongoing Read More

  • November 7, 2017
  • Alex Lopez

Office Environment: What yours says about your company culture

Company culture is impacted by many different elements. Philosophy and values play a large role, but office environment is equally influential. Aesthetics and ergonomic factors like furniture, decor, layout and overall office design can all play a major role in your company’s culture.   What Research Says Blue Kite Marketing performed a study where they Read More

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